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Create, Store & Update ERISA & IRS Documents

ERISA eSolutions is your answer!

What’s Included in the ERISA eSolutions Package?

125 Premium Only Plan (POP) – Create, store and edit documents in our web-based document center. Clients and their insurance broker can access these documents. 

Compliance Assessment &  Dashboard – The compliance assessment and dashboard feature helps employers determine an overall risk assessment and supplies a list of missing compliance items. The reminder system and dashboard will help to make sure nothing falls through the cracks.

Employment Law Updates & Reminders – Stay informed of federal and state employment law changes, due to date reminders, and needed employer actions.

Employee Notifications – Generate customized all-in-one annual employee notices such as Medicare Part D, CHIP, WHCRA, HIPAA, Initial COBRA, Health Exchange, etc.

Health Exchange Notice –  Our Web-based system automatically creates and emails this notice for distribution.

HIPAA Toolkit – Receive HIPAA policies, compliance checklist, requirements training, forms, and documents to be HIPAA compliant.

Summary of Material Modification (SMM) – Easily communicate benefit changes.

Did You Know?

avoid a dol audit employers

Employers without a Wrap document face the possibility of DOL and ERISA penalties including:

A penalty of $152 a day for failing to provide documents requested by the Department of Labor.
A penalty of $110 a day for failing to produce the document within 30 days of an employee’s written request.
filing an individual form 5500 for each benefit offered to employees and as such applicable late tax penalties as accessed.

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